Hi, I’m Felipe. I consider myself both a technologist and a designer. 
I see design as a way of organizing distinguishably similar elements into harmony while bringing functional resolution to an issue. My work centers on approaching that task from the human perspective. I believe that focusing on truly understanding the person and their needs reveals what the product needs to be, resulting in more significant and meaningful solutions for the user.
I have always been eager to learn new skills and create new things from scratch and often find myself staying up late to learn something new, whether it’s generative art, a new 3D software or anything else that loosely fits into the world of technology and furthers my personal growth.
I have strived to leverage my previous experience in interaction development to add a distinct layer to every project I’m tasked with, thereby creating a more meaningful story. I believe human machine interaction of all types will change dramatically in the coming decades and I want to be part of the collective shaping this evolutionary shift.